Vesper Tempest Protect Winter Jacket

Art no.: 11611D

Vesper Tempest Protect Winter Jacket

The Vesper Tempest Protect winter jacket is a highly insulative winter training jack with strategically placed Pixel inserts. 


It is feature packed and specifically designed for female riders with a new and improved cut.


This jacket is made with our reknown Tempest Protect fabric. This 100% windproof  and water repellent fabric provides superior wind and rain protection, even when you’re training at a lower pace and intensity. 


When you’re training outside during winter time, visibility and safety is a big issue. We’ve thought about that, too. Shoulder inserts and sleeves are made of our Black Pixel, a highly reflective fabric that combines the windproof and water repellent characteristics of Tempest Protect with great visibility.


In terms of cargo space, we’ve chosen a different path. When developing a women specific cut, the narrow waistline doesn’t provide enough space for a set of 3 externally placed pockets.  Still, although women are often smaller they have to carry the same amount of cargo. That’s why we have implemented 2 big back pockets with zipped side entries. The result: the same amount of cargo space, easily reachable, protected and clean.


Job done.

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