Bioracer Tempest. Warm. Light. Water repellent.

Tempest is a thermal material for winter jerseys en leggings and has a breathable, brushed layer of microfiber and an out layer that protects the body from cold. This textile has undergone a treatment during the weaving process. During this process, special threads are woven into the textile, which form a physical barrier from water. This is how we obtain a material that is water-repellent, breathable, quick-drying and comfortable. Because it is woven in, rather than a coating applied on top, these features are permanent, even after repeated use and washing.


Tempest Protect

Bioracer Tempest Protect. Warm. Windproof. Waterproof.

Tempest Protect is an evolution or our regular Tempest fabric, with an extra layer of protection. This thin layer makes the fabric wind and water proof. On the inside the fabric features a brushed inner layer of microfiber for extra insulation. 
Tempest Protect is the fabric of choice in our protective winter clothing, such as our Spitfire Winter Jacks and Bibtights.

Speedsilk technology

Speedsilk is not a fabric. It’s not even a coating. Speedsilk is the technology we use to improve aerodynamic properties of certain fabrics. By mechanically influencing the weaving of the fabric, the weaving gets tighter and the surface becomes smoother. The fabric becomes faster but keeps its moisture wicking properties.


When riding and racing in the mountains or in mixed weather, cyclists often need a lightweight, easily foldable windprotect vest. Bioracer’s Flylite fabric is specifically designed for this purpose. This windprotect fabric is lightweight, breathable and extra compact. It provides the riders with the advantage of extra protection, with a minimal weight penalty.

Iceberg 100

Iceberg 100 is a light stretch heat regulating fabric which repels wind and water and maintains a constant temperature between the skin and the fabric. The 100 stands for 100% waterproof.  
This makes the Iceberg 100 a warm and breathable fabric riders can use during intensive winter rides in cold circumstances, without the bulk of a jacket in regular winter fabrics.


Power Eyelet

This lightweight fabric is used in our shorts and aerosuits. Micro-perforations create a larger breathable surface, to evaporate moisture quickly. The tight weave guarantees an optimal wearing comfort and good compression. 



This multidimensionally elastic, fabric is naturally stretched in every direction. This ensures a maximum freedom of movement. A gentle retention mechanism creates an extraordinary and particularly effective second skin effect.It features UV protection (factor 50) and a high resistance against chlorine, which makes it an ideal summer triathlon fabric. Aquaracer offers maximum breathability, yet allows water and air to slide off without penetrating the fibers, thanks to a hydrophylic treatment on the inside and a water repellent treatment on the outside. This hydro and aero-dynamic advantage is already demonstrated during numerous tests and races.



Designed for the hottest riding and racing conditions, this fabric has an open mesh construction that wicks the moisture away from the body, and divides it over a larger surface for an extra cooling effect. The open construction also makes it very supple and form fitting. This improves rider aerodynamics. 


Ever since Bioracer started the speedsuit revolution, our well-known Airstripe fabric has been a part of it. Now in its fourth generation, this elastic, breathable fabric with the characteristic pinstripe has been used on aerodynamically strategic spots of our jerseys and suits. If placed correctly, the stripe weaving enhances aerodynamic efficiency by creating a boundary layer effect.


Pixel // 75

High visibility bicycle clothing

Pixel 75

In our new Pixel fabric we combine 3 layers for maximum winter protection. The breathable inner layer wicks moisture away from the body. The central protective layer provides a shield against cold and wind. The outer layer is reflective and provides maximum visibility in the dark, for improved rider safety. The Pixel 75 is constructed with a windblock membrane that's 75% windproof

Pixel // 100

Pixel 100, reflective cycling clothing. 


100% windproof, 100% safe with reflective material.

With our new reflective Pixel fabric we combine three layers for maximum winter protection. The breathable inner layer carries moisture away from the body. The central protective layer wards off cold and wind. The outer layer is reflective and provides maximum visibility in the dark, increasing the safety of the rider. Pixel 100 includes a wind block membrane which is 100% windproof. With this reflective fabric you can cycle after dark without a sense of feeling unsafe. The reflective Pixel 100 fabric can also be printed with any desired design.



Sun Reflector

Light colored textiles reflect both visible and invisible rays of sunlight, meaning both heat and light. Dark colored textiles absorb both types of rays and therefore absorb heat. coldblack® reduces this absorption of heat rays particularly in the case of darker colors and in all types of textiles. The result is tangibly better heat management.


UV Protector

coldblack® guarantees a minimum UPF 30 protection when applied to any textile in any color without affecting the look or feel of the product. As a result, textiles with coldblack® can make an effective contribution to protecting against harmful UV rays.


  • Excellent dynamic performance: Multidimensional elastic movement. The fabric is naturally stretched in every direction to follow muscle and joint movement.
  • Incomparable lightness: Oxyxgene is surprisingly light : a full range from 50 to 230 g/m2 to meet the requirements of customers who are looking for lightness
  • Revolutionary elasticity: A gentle retention mechanism creates an extraordinary and particularly effective second skin effect
  • Breathable: Oxygene offers maximum breathability in the air, yet allows water and air to slide off the fabric without penetrating the fibres : hydro and aero-dynamic performance assured and demonstrated in numerous tests.
  • UV protection: Oxygene provides a very high-performance protection against UVA/UVB, the measurement of the UV protection index, according to the AS/NZS 4399 standard, shows a figure higher than 700 UPF, which satisfy easily the highest protection level : 50+
  • Chlorine resistance: With regard to chlorine resistance, an Oxygene fabric loses only 17% of its elasticity after 60 hours of bathing, compared to 70% for a traditionally knitted structure. Oxygene’s outstanding resistance has been tested and confirmed.
  • Specific treatments: Oxygene fabrics have DryTech-C6 and HydroTech treatment


The microfibre that ensures well-being and performance while respecting your health and that of your world. 
Aquafil research has created Dryarn®, the innovative polypropylene microfibre with a very high level of performance. An innovative technological product because equally resistant, light,insulating and transpirant as well as being hygienic, comfortable and ecological. A very stable fabric, which does not change its shape unlike conventional fabrics. For long-lasting wearability, always in form. Moreover, Dryarn® does not absorb humidity and dries surprisingly quickly. All to the advantage of physical comfort, giving the skin a pleasant fresh and dry sensation.



This fabric was developed by Bio-Racer. It keeps your body dry and gives a comfortable feeling during physical exertion. 

Additional benefits: 

  • fast removal of bodily fluid 
  • increased air permeability
  • absorbs little fluid
  • extra softness prevents irritations 
  • machine washable and quick drying
  • offers resistance against mould and smells.


A new variety of textile which combines mono-elastic properties (with a positive effect on the fit of the shirt) to an exceptional removal of perspiration. Furthermore the fabric feels soft and pleasant to the touch.

Cool Light

Bioracer developed a lightweight cycling jersey for the Olympic road and mountain bike races and World Championships. With success! Because various Olympic medals and world titles have already been won in this shirt. The fabric which is incorporated into these jerseys, is Cool Light 100, an extremely
light variety of Coolmax. Micro-perforations create a larger breathable surface and allow the manufacture of shirts weighing less than 100 grams. No less than 70% lighter than a normal cycling jersey!


Windtex is a light stretch heat regulating membrane which repels wind and water and maintains unaltered the microclimate between the skin and the fabric. 


The thread of Isolation has an insulating effect which keeps the body extra warm. High breathable capacity so that the perspiration is removed faster. The polyester surface is quickly dry and feels soft and pleasant to the touch.


The insulating effect of the threads keeps the body extra warm. A roughened layer of Thermastat on the inside reinforces this effect. This results in very high breathable capacity with a fast removal of perspiration. The polyester surface is quickly dry and exceedingly strong.


Functionality and comfort complement each other in this fabric. This so called fleece-fabric is made with microfine trevira polyester threads.


  • warm
  • moisture transporting and regulating
  • light to wear
  • easy to maintain


Material that is often used in our rain gear. It offers optimum protection from wind and rain. It also distributes body heat and wicks away moisture. It is easy to wash, convenient to fold and quick-drying.


Windblock is a light elastic fabric which maintains the body temperature and protects against wind and rain.

Winter Windblock

During really cold weather an item of clothing with Winter Windblock quality is appropriate. A system with 3 layers protects the body against cold and wind. The innermost layer consists of 100% polyester. The fleece membrane offers outstanding protection against cold and rain and breathes as well. The upper layer not only retains its shape and is colourfast, but it provides the required insulation during cold days.



A very functional and super-elastic fabric that feels like a second skin. Easy to wash and quick-drying. Mould and smell-resistant.


A high quality, elastic variety of textile for cycling shorts, which guarantees an optimal wearing comfort. Carefully following the instructions guarantees far more riding pleasure.


DSM’s UHMWPE fiber, branded as Dyneema®, is extremely strong and durable yet lightweight, flexible and cool to the touch – the ideal combination for applications such as high protective cycle clothing.

Super Roubaix

This elastic fabric is extremely suitable for chilly to even cold days. The roughened inside provides excellent insulation and through the use of polyamide threads the regulation of fluid is optimal.

Temperature Control

This elastic fleece is extremely suitable for chilly to even cold days. The roughened inside provides excellent insulation and through the use of
polyamide threads the regulation of fluid is optimal. 


Isofilm is one of the best insulating membranes. Fabrics modified with Isofilm are waterproof, windproof, bi-elastic and breathable. On top of this,
Isofilm is easy to maintain. Thank’s to these attributes, Isofilm clothing is guaranteed to be efficient and comfortable.

Lycra Performer

A cool, light and elastic fabric that provides a compression effect which supports your muscles and aids circulation. Lycra performer has durable stretch and return characteristics for a long lifespan and excellent moisture transfer for wicking sweat away from the skin. 


Matrix is the fabric we use for the jerseys in our Bodyfit range. This fabric is designed with an industry leading body elastic stretch construction. Matrix is designed to fit every contour of your body increasing aerodynamics while still increasing comfort. Its breathability and its fast drying characteristics make it an ideal fabric for summer jerseys. 


This fabric combines mono-elastic properties (with a positive effect on the fit of the shirt) to an exceptional breathability. It provides good protection against harmful UV rays. Furthermore the fabric feels soft and pleasant to the touch.


A very functional and omnidirectional elastic fabric that feels like a second skin. This fabric has a very tight weave to improve muscle compression. Easy to wash and quick-drying. Mould and smell-resistant.



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